Flowing River Scented Candle


Experience the tranquil and aquatic allure of Flowing River, a candle that captures your imagination. Infused with notes of santal and musk, this candle evokes both an air of mystery and nostalgia. This candle transports you to a realm where time slows down, and every breath reminds you of the tranquility found in nature's gentle currents.

Flowing River is one part of a four part series of the Waterfire Collection; a commentary on the inherent feminine and masculine energies in nature.

Flowing River carries balanced energy through the natural elements of water and fire. This balance allows for both a boundless flow of acceptance and grounded connection. 

Note Profile

Top: marine, camphor, pineapple, fennel, cardamom, ginger

Middle: amber, cedar, clover, lavender, bamboo
Base: sandalwood, musk, vetiver

About our Scented Candles

Wax: virgin coconut soy
FSC certified natural, crackling wood wicks

About our Concrete Vessels

Each concrete vessel is poured, pigmented, and crafted by hand through a slow and intentional process. The beauty of this process is that each vessel has its own character and individuality. We hope that you enjoy your individual concrete vessel as much as we do, because it is uniquely yours.

Sizes: 18 oz | 9 oz | 2 oz

Burn Time: 80+ hours | 40+ hours | 10+ hours

Customer Reviews

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Cozy in the outdoors

I picked up the flowing river scent as I was at Lifebloom and the one smell gave me the confidence that I would enjoy burning it in my home. The scent helps my home feel cozy while reminding me of being right in the outdoors. I would highly recommend Lifebloom and this candle in particular!