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luscious, ripe + efflorescent, parting clouds is a complex balance of sweet + soft notes. the fruity + floral combination is perfectly curated to create a dreamy, sensual experience. this candle brings the sense of peace you feel after weathering a storm or obstacle + encapsulates you in a spell of that feeling - a feeling you may never want to leave. 

parting clouds is one part of a two part series of the waterfire candle collection; a commentary on the inherent feminine + masculine energies in nature.

parting clouds carries receptive energy through the natural element of water - creating a boundless flow of acceptance + healing. this energy allows for a return to an acute sense of control + calm. choose parting clouds to bring a gentle, deep love into your home. 

note profile

top: grapefruit, peach, apple

middle: cherry blossom, hydrangea
base: powder, vanilla

about our candle

wax: virgin coconut soy 
amethyst crystals
FSC certified natural, crackling wood wicks

about our vessels

each concrete vessel is poured, pigmented, and crafted by hand through a slow and intentional process. the beauty of this process is that each vessel has its own character and individuality. we hope that you enjoy your individual concrete vessel as much as we do, because it is uniquely yours.

sizes: 18 oz | 9 oz | 2 oz

burn time: 80+ hours | 40+ hours | 8+ hours

Customer Reviews

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Olivia Sutton

I grabbed a 2 oz. candle of this scent from the Black Owned [****]. pop up shop in Seaport, and when I tell you I burned it all day long.....I burned it all day long. Probably longer than I should have. The fruit smelled so crisp and fresh and the hydrangea and vanilla just added icing to the cake. I loved this candle and I can't wait to grab more!

Parting Clouds

This new collection had exceeded my expectations! The craftsmanship of the vessel is carefully executed with elegance. The scent is beautifully light with notes of peach and hydrangea. It also features amathyst toppings and a sustainable crackling wood wick that makes my home feel even more cozy and inviting.

Hilary Clausius
Beautiful smell and amazing craftsmanship!

This candle is so well made. You can tell that a lot of careful time and effort was put into creating the concrete vessel as well as the candle itself. The scent is light and juicy- definitely more fruity than floral which I prefer. Love it!

Beautiful candle

Parting clouds is a beautifully made candle. I love the lid. It’s a big candle and lasts a long time. Love the sound of the wood wick when it burns and crackles. A calming fresh scent.