to enhance the human experience through handmade products that bring nature home.


we are eric and megan, and we are the founders of lifebloom, a candle company based in boston that creates high-end natural candles in handmade concrete vessels that are clean and sustainable for our customers.

it all started when we went for a weekend getaway in vermont to get away from the city life — we rented a cozy cabin overlooking a vast lake surrounded by whispering trees and the clean, crisp smells of the outdoors, went on an epic four mile long kayaking trip with an intense rainstorm hitting right in the midst of our journey, went for one of the steepest and challenging hikes of our lives only to be met with the most breathtaking views, and most importantly reconnected with one another and ourselves — relaxing by the firepit, practicing yoga, making pancakes, and dancing into the wee hours of the night. 

when we got back home to boston, we immediately started missing the deep connection to nature we felt while in vermont. a part of ourselves was missing, and we wanted to fill this void. nature for us is a multi sensory experience — smells of crisp air and fresh dirt, views of flowing water and expansive mountains, sounds of birds chirping and crackling fires, and the touch of smooth rocks and soft flowers. we wanted to bring our favorite aspects of nature home - and thus lifebloom was born. 

we are a woman-owned, black-owned, and immigrant-owned business and are proud to represent these identities and show that business ownership is for everyone. 


at lifebloom we enhance the candle experience by making our candles by hand from start to finish. our vessels are handmade out of concrete that can be repurposed as planters and home decor items after the burn. we use 100% natural ingredients in all of our candles. we use a biodegradable virgin coconut soy wax, phthalate and paraben free fragrance oils that are certified clean scents, and 100% cotton or fsc certified wood wicks that are non-toxic to customers and the environment.