Candle Bar FAQs

At our Downtown Boston Candle Bar, reservations are highly recommended, but not required – walk-ins are welcome. Walk-ins are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please book HERE to reserve a seat in Downtown Boston.

Our South Boston Candle Bar is reservations only. Please book HERE to reserve a seat in South Boston.

On average, the candlemaking experience takes about 45 minutes. All candles will be ready for same-day pick up after 2 hours from your pouring time. Same day pick up is not available for the last 2 reservation hours of the day. If you are unable to pick up your candles the same day, you can pick up the following day we are open.

We ask that all candles be picked up within 2 weeks of them being made. We will only hold candles for up to 2 weeks, before they will be donated.

We are open 5 days a week, Wednesday – Sunday, 11am – 6pm for both our Downtown Boston and South Boston Candle Bar locations.

Pricing ranges based on candle size. Your paid reservation will include the complete experience of curating your candle from start to finish and your completed candle. Pricing starts at $50 per person.

We have two Candle Bar locations. The Downtown Boston Candle Bar can host up to 4 guests per experience. The South Boston Candle Bar can host up to 8 guests per experience. For groups larger than 8, you can book a private experience in South Boston HERE for up to 16 guests.

Children aged 8 and older are welcome. For kids aged 12 and under, we kindly request parents to provide one-on-one supervision.

No. We provide vessels that have been safety tested with our wicks to ensure optimal burn time and quality. Outside vessels cannot be filled as we cannot guarantee performance or safety.

In order to experience the Candle Bar in the best way possible, we recommend reserving a seat for each guest attending, as one seat and candle is included per booking. You are more than welcome to invite someone to join you as an observer, but please note they will not have a seat if the Candle Bar is fully booked by other guests.

You can book for multiple guests at once using our booking calendar. If you wish to include another person in your reservation, you have the option to secure a seat for them on our website during the same time slot as your booking, provided there are additional seats available at the Candle Bar.

We understand plans can change! If you request a cancellation at least 24 hours before the time of your session, we'll issue you a refund for your experience.Β 

You can also reschedule your booking 24 hours prior to your scheduled time via your confirmation email or by reaching out to us directly via email or phone.