Serene Oasis Scented Candle


serene oasis will transport you to a place of inner calm and tranquility. infused with the purity of white tea and the cleansing essence of lemongrass, its herbal notes serve as a gentle reminder to let go of the chaos and embrace serenity. this scented candle is topped with lemon chrysoprase crystals to represent a newfound sense of balance and inner harmony. light up serene oasis and bask in the peaceful energy it radiates.

note profile

top: lemon, lemongrass, mandarin, orange, ozone

middle: bergamot, ginger, green tea

base: jasmine, white tea, light musk

about our scented candles

wax: virgin coconut soy 
lemon chrysoprase
100% cotton wick

about our concrete vessels

each concrete vessel is poured, pigmented, and crafted by hand through a slow and intentional process. the beauty of this process is that each vessel has its own character and individuality. we hope that you enjoy your individual concrete vessel as much as we do, because it is uniquely yours.

sizes: 18 oz | 9 oz | 2 oz

burn time: 80+ hours | 40+ hours | 8+ hours

Customer Reviews

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Serene Oasis is a lovely scent with its combination of amazing notes, and the vessel is beautiful.

Best Candles Ever!

These are the best candles I’ve ever purchased. Not only do they fill a room with such refreshing scents but they also burn incredibly evenly! Also, once you’re finished with the candle, the holder doubles as an excellent planter.