Burning Wood Scented Candle


woodsy, bright + clean, burning wood embodies the healing essence of the palo santo tree. as palo santo is traditionally burned as an energy cleanser, this scented candle creates a sense of calm - easing any stress + pain through its powerful purification properties. 

burning wood is one part of a three part series of the waterfire candle collection; a commentary on the inherent feminine + masculine energies in nature.

burning wood carries active energy through the natural element of fire + a deep spiritual connectivity to the root chakra. this energy is grounding + amplifies our connection with mother earth. choose burning wood to bring nature's gift of balance + strength into your home. 

note profile

top: citrus, cardamom
middle: saffron, violet, palo santo
base: amber, sandalwood, wood, smoke

about our scented candle

wax: virgin coconut soy 
tiger's eye crystals
FSC certified natural, crackling wood wicks

about our concrete vessels

each concrete vessel is poured, pigmented, and crafted by hand through a slow and intentional process. the beauty of this process is that each vessel has its own character and individuality. we hope that you enjoy your individual concrete vessel as much as we do, because it is uniquely yours.

sizes: 18 oz | 9 oz | 2 oz

burn time: 80+ hours | 40+ hours | 10+ hours

Customer Reviews

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Transformative, crackling, magical scents

Grateful to Burning Wood for easing my adjustment issues & separation anxiety, and turning a new apartment into a home <3

Tara Brunelle
Great Candles and smells fantastic

I discovered these candles at Snowport in 2022 and love them. The candles burn very clean and the smell is amazing!!

Favorite candle EVER!

Love all of these candles but especially this one. All of them have a subtle scent that is just enough without being overpowering. Bought one for myself…and a bunch for my friends for Xmas. Definitely my go-to candle now.

Burning Wood Candle

Subtle and calming Palo Alto scent! Not too strong once it’s lit. The vessel shape and color are beautiful and easily fit into a space. Love to learn about the natural ingredients that are used here versus other brands.

Love this candle!

This candle makes my house smell fantastic, it creates a calm vibe, and lasts so long!